Electrical Control Panels and Boards

The main function of the Electrical LT Panel is to receive power from source transformer or generator and distribute it through main feeders. Electrical LT panel can be fabricated in both draw-out and non draw-out versions. The Electrical LT Panels range offered by us incorporates maximum system safety and reliability.

LT Panel viz PCC / MCC / APFC / AMF / MLDB / DG Synchronizing / Soft Starter / Fire Fighting up to 5000 Amp.

APFC Panel

An Automatic Power Factor Correction (Controller) panel is used to Save Energy by consistently maintaining higher power factor. With an APFC Panel the energy producer can:

  • Avoid Penalization for lower power factor.
  • Enjoy incentives for higher power factor operation being extended to Industries by some Electricity Boards/ Companies.
  • Optimize the connected load for improved plant load factor.
  • Avoid manual disruption.
  • Avoid high current consumption losses.
  • Improvement in voltage regulation.
  • Decrease Maximum Demand KVA, thus avoiding penalty and Demand Charges

MCC (Motor Control Center)

The panel is used for distributing power to electric motors. MCC is made of steel structure which contains the combination of motor control units, wire ways, internal wiring and busbars.

PCC Panel (Power Control Center)

Ensures desired breaking capacities, temperature rise & IP protection. It has enough Space for incoming & outgoing Cable termination. Outgoing terminals are stud type as standard practice. All starters are Type Two Coordinated. Cable Alley Illumination Lamp, Space Heaters and CT terminals with Thermostats are standard features of our Panel boards.

Salient Features :

  • Sufficient space for cable termination.
  • Provision of Louvers, Space Heaters, Lamp & Socket is mandatory in Cable alley.
  • Busbar support of reputed make or Epoxy base fiber glass.


Siemens low voltage switchboards have become an industry benchmark with proven performance over the past few decades. Siemens 8PU LV Switchboards are designed to operate under challenging conditions of dust & high ambient always without compromise. Various industry segments like cement, steel, refinery, power, pharma & Buildings including data centers, hospitals, metro rails have deployed more than 100,000 LV switchboards for delivering maximum reliability in protection and 24x7 uptime.

We as Licensed Partner for SIEPAN 8PU offers all the below Salient Features of PCC, MCC,Draw-out MCCs, APFC Solutions and many more…..

  • The Compact “Twin panel single tier execution” provides for 2x ACBs upto 1600A in a total fit of 850mm; helping you save upto 30% space as compared to conventional switchboards.
  • It offers you a smart combination of aluminium bus-bars along with copper. This saves you 20% in Capital Costs. Furthermore, the resulting compact switchboards save you upto 30% floor space and also gives the design reliability of Type Tested Assembly (TTA) as per IS 8623-1 / IEC 439
  • Due to its unique double-front construction, it occupies 30% lesser space compared to normal conventional panels
  • Progressive minds plan & implement actions to minimize risk knowing that an earthquake phenomenon is difficult to avoid or control. Planning Engineers are today designing buildings & infrastructure projects in – conformance to IS 1893 for Seismic withstand. SIEPAN 8PU LV Switchboards are type tested & Certified for highest level of seismic withstand – Zone V.
  • Conformance to Internal Arc Containment as per IEC 61641
  • Certified design for Type Tested Assemblies (TTA) as per IS 8623 / IEC 439

66 KV, 33 KV, 11 KV Relay & Control Panel for TFR / Feeder / Bus Coupler / Capacitor Bank Bay

A control & relay panel is designed to provide to control the associated line or transformer through outdoor switchgear at various 11KV and 33KV zonal substations. The control & Relay panels are complete in themselves with all main and auxiliary relays, annunciation relay, fuses, links, switches, wiring, labels, terminal blocks, earthing terminals, base frame, foundation bolts, illumination, cable glands etc. These panels are used for the control & monitoring of electrical equipments such as transformers, generators and circuit breakers. Indoor Control panel for Outdoor VCB includes IDMT Numerical relay, Master Trip Relay, Trip circuit Supervision Relay, Indications & meters etc. These control & Relays panels are available in various combinations as single circuit or multi-circuit depending upon the customer requirements.

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